Best Android Art and Design Apps 2021

These are the best Android art and design apps

These are our top Android apps for drawing, painting, sketching and design.


Free and $5.99/PS4.59 per Month

Tattoodo At its core is a search engine for tattoos that allows you to search through millions of images. You can filter the results based on artist, style, or motif.

You can search and browse, but you can also follow artists. Their latest work will appear in your feed. Images can be saved to boards so that you have a collection of designs.

You can upload images of tattoos you already have and share them with the world.

You can also add your designs and store to the app if you are a tattoo artist. The app is completely free for those who are looking for or looking at tattoos. Artists will need to pay $5.99/PS4.59 per month to book through the app to receive bookings.



Houzz is an Android app that allows you to decorate and furnish your home. There are many sections in the app, including a large database of more than 19 million photos that can be used to provide decor ideas. You can filter by style, room, and other factors. These images can be sketched and shared.

Houzz allows you to buy millions of products, such as furniture and other materials, from within the app. You can also use augmented reality to visualize how the product would look in your own home.

Videos and articles are also available on remodeling and improving your home. The app allows you to search for and hire architects, interior decorators, and other professionals. There’s also a community that users can use to ask questions and share their experiences.

Although Houzz may not be the app everyone uses, it’s one worth considering if you are thinking of redecorating your home or doing other home improvements.


Free and $59.99/PS54.99 per Year

was created primarily to add text to images. This is useful if you are creating a poster or an Instagram post.

You can choose from many different canvas sizes through the Android app, some of which are made specifically for social media, such as Facebook cover pictures. You can then add images, text, and graphics.

You can adjust the exposure, contrast, and other aspects of images; you can also choose from a variety of fonts, alignments, and colors for text; graphics can be selected from a number of pre-made designs and then adjusted color, position, and the like.

Multiple layers can be added to a project. You can save it as a JPG, PNG or share it.

This app is very useful and you can access hundreds of fonts and graphics. You also get the promise of future features for an additional $59.99/PS54.99 a year.

This is probably not necessary for the average user. However, if you use it regularly to combine images with text or for work then it might be worth it.

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Free and various IAP

Drawing tutorials are a perfect fit for digital devices, but very few drawing apps make use of them. They assume that you know what you are doing and will learn from the app. While many drawing apps rely on textual images, is an Android app that’s interactive.

Although it is not an exhaustive guide to drawing, the app offers many images and will help you recreate each one step-by-step. The app will draw lines from an image and make it appear blurred so that you can draw over it.

Continue this process until you have an image that is fully completed. After that, you can color it without a guide. will display a brief video showing the entire process.

Although the actual drawing tools are less than other apps, there is at least an undo button that erases any changes or lines you have drawn. This is something beginners will love.

You can access many of the images for free, and there are more added every day. However, you will need to pay $5.99/PS5.49 per week (with huge discounts if you pay monthly or annually instead). Or you can purchase a complete year for $59.99/PS52.99.

Sketch – Draw & Paint

Free and various IAP

Sketch-Draw & Paint combines a photo editor, sketching application, and art community into one. It’s easy to use and fun.

You can use the sketching side to get different types of pen and brushes in different sizes and colors. There are also basic tools like a ruler, layers, and stickers.

You have two options: start with a blank canvas, or import or take a photo. This brings us to the photo editing part of the Android app. It uses the same tools.

Sketch allows you to upload your creations, share them with others, and you can also view other artists’ artworks. You can search for specific items or choose from a variety of categories, such as ‘trending’ or ‘newcomers.

You can comment or like any shared artworks and you can follow the creator to keep track of their other works. Although the quality of work shared in the community may vary, it shouldn’t be intimidating to share yours.

Sketch – Draw & paint is free. However, you can purchase extra stickers or, for around US$1.30 per month, subscribe to Sketch Premium. This will unlock all the stickers and remove ads. You also get a transparent background, unlimited canvas sizes, and a transparent background.


No cost + $7.49/PS5.99 for a subscription

allows you to unleash your inner graphic artist on your smartphone or tablet. However, with an intuitive interface that offers thousands of templates and a simple user interface, it’s easy enough for beginners.

Combining text, shapes and images can create logos, posters and adverts. You can also use stickers and backgrounds to make postcards and other items that require images and typography.

You can move, rotate, flip, duplicate, or change the color of any component in your design. It is possible to work with multiple layers. You can save your results to your device so you can use them wherever you like.

This Android app may be too limited for professional graphic artists, who might want more control to create their designs completely from scratch. However, Desygner is great for anyone looking to create something professional.

Although the basic app is available for free, certain features and most templates require a subscription at $7.49/PS5.99. It’s worth the cost if the app is used regularly, but the free version might be sufficient if you only use it occasionally.

Infinite Painter


There are many Android apps that can be used by digital artists. is the most feature-rich, offering dozens of brushes presets, the ability to make your own, and layers. You also have the option to export your images in JPEG or PNG.

Infinite Painter is packed with features. However, Infinite Painter takes the time to explain how they work. There are detailed tutorials that show you how to use them all. The interface is simple enough to be able to navigate through most of the things.

Many of the features are behind a paywall. It costs $7.99/PS6.99 to unlock all. However, the app comes with a seven-day free trial that allows you to try everything before you make a decision. If you love digital art, you will probably want to spend money.