Alternatives For CapCut Program

Is there an official CapCut version for PC? An exe file is required to install CapCut for PC. This post will provide answers. Here are some quick questions and answers before we start.

Bytedance Pte owns CapCut, formerly Viamaker of TikTok. Ltd is TikTok’s parent company. CapCut was launched on the Chinese Market in 2019 under the name “JianYing”, which means “CapCut”.CapTake a look at the following: Cut The video to share, so the nameCapCut.

CapCut is available for PC

Yes. It is currently only available for Chinese markets. There is no English language support.

Do not leave. You should be able to navigate the official version of CapCut App for Android or iPhone without having to know the language.

CapCut PC version has a very similar user interface. In the same way as a smartphone, animated text, stickers, transitions and effects can be added to the CapCut PC version.

How do I download CapCut on my Computer?

CapCut is known as JianYing in China, while its Windows version goes by the name JianYing Pro (CapCut Pro). The beta version was released and shared with editors and fans via cloud storage platforms as well as software downloading websites.

These steps will allow you to download CapCut for Windows PC.

Step 1.Visit

Bytedance Pte owns TikTok and CapCut. Ltd. You might think that the official site would include CapCut and TikTok in its URL. However, does not. We discover that Bytedance also created a photo editing application called “Ulike” camera (ulikecam). China’s top tech publications and websites confirmed that was the official download site for CapCut PC version Chinese: JianYing Pro.

Step 2.To download, click the blue button. This page is available in Chinese. You can activate the Translate This Page widget in Google Chrome next to the search field.

Step 3.To choose an installation path, run the EXE file.

To agree to the license agreement and privacy policy, tick the first box. To create a desktop shortcut, tick the second box.

Step 4.Wait for the program’s installation to complete, then launch it.

These steps will allow you to edit videos with CapCut for PC.

Step 1.Drag and drop video and image files by clicking on the Video icon

Supported input video: MP4, AVI and M4V. MKV. MPG. F4V. FLV. RMVB. JPG. PNG. JPEG.
Input Audio: M4A, AAC, MP4, WAV and WMA
It doesn’t allow you to import GIF.
Step 2.Drag the video clip onto the timeline and then use the tools bar to edit it. To muffle the clip, click on the sound icon.

Step 3.To add text, stickers or video effects to the menu bar, click on other icons.

Step 4.To adjust the color, click on the last icon. Add the adjustment layer and then use the slider to change contrast/saturation, luminance, sharpness/highlight, shadows, etc.

Step 5.To export the video, click the blue button in the upper right corner.

CapCut for Google Extension

This extension is for Google Chrome, and CapCut will be the first thing you find when you search for it on your PC.

It is however not as easy to use as you would expect for an extension.

When you click on CapCut for Windows icon in the Chrome tools bar, a popup will appear saying “To close this popup, edit the manifest file, and remove the default key.” Edit ext/browser_action/browser_action.html to edit it.

This notification is not for non-techies. Even if you look around, you’ll find the solution.

These steps will allow you to use the emulator.

Step 1.Install an Android emulator.

Step 2.Find CapCut in the Play Store and install it.

Step 3.Open CapCut in the emulator. It will be the app version. To simulate tapping or swiping on a mobile device, click or click and drag.

There are many dedicated Android emulators software available, including Bluestacks and NoxPlayer. Take NoxPlayer, for example.

Step 1.Visitbignox.comNoxPlayer can be downloaded.

Step 2.To sign in to your Google Play Store account in NoxPlayer, go to Tools > Play Store

Step 3.To install CapCut on Windows, search for CapCut.

Step 4.CapCut allows you to import videos and photos into NoxPlayer’s album.

It can be broken down into three steps:

Go to Tools > File manager > Menu (Three lines icon). > Settings (Gear icon).

Click on General Settings and ensure that the Access Mode is set to “Prompt user mode”.

Click on the computer icon in the sidebar. In the newly opened File Assistant windows click on Open PC Folder.

Copy the vidoes and picutres files from your computer and then paste them into any Nox_share subfolder. You can, for example, paste the video to the Download directory: C:UserNazirNox_shareDownloader

You can now find the source video by going to NoxPlayer > Tool > Albums. CapCut will be able to access the video once they’re in the albums and can import it for editing.

Alternatives to CapCut Free for PC

CapCut is loved by people for its ease of creating TikTok videos. It also offers tons of amazing effects and transitions. You don’t have to know how to set parameters in Premiere or any other major software. You can simply experiment with the templates and effects, and you will find one that you like.

Move to the big screen. CapCut’s parent company does not currently release an English version for capcut for windows PC. JianYing Pro, the Chinese version of CapCut, is not available for either the American or European markets.

However, your ultimate goal is to create a viral video with minimal effort. To do this, you can use templates. There are many beginner friendly video editors that can be used as an alternative to CapCut such as WeVideo and Flexclip Video Maker.