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True Reasons Why You Are Getting Less Likes on Instagram

On Instagram, there’s a lot going on. We’re all trying to figure out what’s going on. It’s also aggravating.

It appears that many of us are receiving less likes on Instagram. It’s also difficult to expand our Instagram account if we have fewer likes.

This metric is used to buy instagram followers to determine whether or not our account is valuable. Instagram will show our post to more people if it receives a lot of likes.

Here’s what’s been going on:

  • Bots are being deactivated.
  • Hashtags with the word “shadowban” don’t work.
  • Instagram’s algorithm has been tweaked again again.
  • People enjoy watching. Consistency in Instagram Stories
  • What should I write?

Select the topic you want to learn more about by clicking on it. I’ll explain what’s going on in each case. I’ll also give you some pointers on how to get more likes.

Let’s get this party started.

1. Bots are being deactivated.

Instagram, in case you didn’t aware, doesn’t allow us to utilize any automated programs like bots or automatic post schedulers. All of these technologies are in violation of Instagram’s Terms of Service.

Instagram took down Instagress, the most popular bots app, last month. As a result, tens of thousands of accounts were left without a bot like them automatically.

The same can be said for comments. If you’ve ever gotten comments like “great photo,” “awesome,” or “check out my account,” you know what I’m talking about. or if you’ve succumbed to the follow-unfollow craze… You can now credit Instagram for your success. Spam is being removed from the social networking platform.

Unfortunately, this means that we will receive fewer likes as a result of the bots liking our posts automatically.

Less bots equals less likes.

We’ll have to re-adjust to our new figures. If you notice a drop in engagement, don’t panic.

2. Ban on Shadows

Last month, the entire Instagram community was outraged by the Instagram shadowban.

It happens to everyone… seemingly out of nowhere… with no warning.

Our hashtags no longer work, which is the only proof of a shadowban.

If Instagram hashtags stop working, no new people will be able to see, let alone like, our pictures.

4. Instagram’s algorithm has been tweaked.

The home feed on Instagram is no longer chronological. This implies that when you make a new post, your followers will not see it right away. As a result, they won’t (all) like your post right away.

This is how the algorithm works:

The more you interact with a particular account, the higher it will appear in your home feed. Instagram will keep track of which of your accounts you “like” and “connect with” the most. As a result, they’ll focus on these accounts the most.

The moral of the narrative is that interactions are crucial.

The more you interact with your followers, the more likely it is that you will be at the top of their feed in return.

Quick tip: For accounts you don’t want to miss, enable notifications. You must think about them if you want them to think about you.

5. Instagram’s algorithm has altered once more.

Plus, something else has been going on in the previous few weeks.

We’ve observed that we’re seeing posts from two days ago in our home feed. What?!

It’s no surprise that fewer people are liking our post… if it is discovered two days later.

The advantage is that our articles have a longer shelf life.
Unfortunately, not many people (our followers) will see it as soon as we upload it.

Quick suggestion:

I strongly advise you to develop a hashtag strategy. Hashtags are the search terms that others use to find your account. So even if your followers don’t notice your message for a day, you can still attract new followers right away.

6. People enjoy watching Instagram Stories.

There are two things you should remember:

  • After 24 hours, your Instagram Stories are gone.
  • Your Instagram feed, on the other hand, is constantly updated.
  • Our home feed has an Insta Stories feed on top of it. As a result, instead of scrolling down, it’s enticing to watch Stories.

The moral of the story is to notify your followers via Instagram Stories when you have fresh content on your feed.

Sticky stuff can be found on your Instagram feed.
Create a strong visual plan to go along with it, and back it up with a hashtag strategy.
Think of your Instagram account as a business card. Make a lasting first impression on people.
To do so, learn how to use the Preview app to visually plan your stream ahead of time.

Keep in touch with your friends and family by using Instagram Stories.

Quick pointers:

When you have a new post on your feed, let people know (with a screenshot of your feed but the latest post covered with an emoji for example)
Sue Zimmerman has written a helpful article. 7 Tips For Increasing Viewer Retention On Instagram Stories
In the Preview App, you may schedule your Instagram Stories.

7. Reliability

Consistency is the key to Instagram success.

When I don’t post for two days, Instagram seems to forget about me. I’m getting fewer likes than normal. It takes me longer to “restore normalcy” to my account.

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