It’s advised that any new student learns the accordion out of a respected educator. The ideal teacher can allow you to pick the suitable accordion for that kind of music that you need to play with, fix the straps accurately, and receive the student inside the proper playing position. A teacher can be essential to ensure lessons remain, as well as when a clinic isn’t done, advancement may nevertheless be made.


To enhance, nevertheless, it’s necessary that routine, thorough clinic is done between courses. This clinic ought to be according to quality as opposed to quantity. For newcomer students, short, routine techniques are a lot more rewarding than occasional, more clinics. This really can be when bad customs can begin, which can be frustrating to fix in the future.


For a lot of people, seated could be your very comfortable method of playing with. There are many different seating locations and tastes. You always need to take care when bending from a seated posture, but and that means you don’t hurt your spine. Possessing the straps adjusted to meet the body contour is vital, not just for simple playing, but in addition to decrease any possibility of injury.

Factors to keep in mind if playing

Maintain your spine directly
After setting choose a chair in order for the feet will reach the ground, otherwise, you won’t need full control within the accordion.
Your knee ought to be kept outside to allow a fantastic hands posture.
Fingers ought to be curved across the keys, so to let you play the guidelines of your palms.

For the side of this accordion, music has been composed of the treble clef. The bass consists of the bass clef, aside from stradella bass. Rather than writing out the Entire chord, the chord symbol is composed within the notice:
M within the notice Major chord, m within the notice minor chord,
7 within the notice 7th chord, d within the notice diminished kindness


the ensuing set of hints about accordion care was published by professional musicians, that utilize their own accordions for much time per day. If you observe those recommendations, you are not only going to increase the lifetime span of one’s accordion but also save repair fees, which are high priced. Don’t forget, though that if an accordion has been damaged, to simply take your accordion to the nearest qualified repairer.
1: make certain your accordion is glistening and looking its finest.

You offer improved performance and exercise better using a tool you truly are feeling proud.

Constantly maintain your accordion at a dry warm location. Don’t leave it on your car immediately or leave it adjacent to heaters. Extreme temperatures may harm the reeds.

Be more careful once you lift the accordion out of its own case, ensuring that you don’t hurt the bass and treble keys. The perfect means to understand just how to take it off really is by a seasoned accordionist or by an accordion seller.

Once the accordion isn’t being used or in its own case, the accordion needs to really be carefully lowered to the bottom. Dropping it that inch may dislodge the reed cubes, or mis-align bass or valves mechanics.
A massive percentage of damage isn’t a result of the person who owns this device but by another person bumping or knocking the accordion.