Raid: Shadow Legends – Everything You Need To Know About This Game

YouTube is a popular site that we spend a lot of our time on. YouTube Premium subscribers are able to remove any advertising from our YouTube viewing experience.

While Premium does not allow for pre-roll or mid-roll ads, YouTube creators have made it a point to include sponsorships and advertising within the video’s content.

This is because YouTube has been flooded with ads for a mobile game in recent months. Raid: Shadow Legends is that game.

YouTubers are encouraging their fans to download the game and enjoy it as part of a sponsorship deal.

After months of skimming through video intros in an effort to avoid Raid: Shadow Legends RAID Guides being mentioned, we decided to give it another go.

If you want the TL-DR version, Raid: Shadow Legends has microtransactions. It is not very entertaining and less “immersive” than it could be.

Download and install

Although the game can be downloaded and played for free on both Android devices and iOS, it is quite large. The Android version of the game was downloaded at 65MB, but we were told that 600MB more would be required once the game was launched.

You don’t need any special specs to play this game, as long as you have Android version 5.0 or later and iOS 9.0 or earlier.

We were playing the introduction mission even though the game had been downloaded 600MB.

The game is fun

You can select a Champion after the introductory mission.

You can become a Champion by completing a Mystery Shard.

The Campaign begins and you are dropped in. There you will need to defeat three sets enemies before you can move on to the next three.

Like other mobile games, gameplay is turn-based. At the beginning, Champions can have up to three skills. Each skill has a cooldown that can last from one to three turns.

You can drop equipment if you win a fight. This equipment can be attached to a Champion. You can collect a variety of sets to earn grant bonuses. This is the problem with it. It’s not clear how you can grind for these sets, other than playing until bored.

Silver can also be used to upgrade equipment. This can be done while you are playing the game. While upgrading an item unlocks a perk, it is possible for the upgrade to fail. We’ve spent 10 000 Silver on one item, and the upgrade failed twice.

You will need to upgrade any items you have earned.

This is a problem as the perks that you can unlock aren’t known to you. After getting a 1 percent increase in Critical Strike rate for a helmet, we expected to get an even greater perk after putting more resources into it. We were given a +1 to recharge the rate of our turn.

You can purchase Silver and other currencies in the game. Let’s discuss that.

We have never seen so many microtransactions.

These currencies are available in Raid: Shadow Legends:

  • Silver
  • Gems
  • Energie
  • Tokens
  • Clan Boss Keys

All of the above items can be bought with real money, which makes our hesitations about spending money on gear feel a little justified. Developers want you to spend money, even if they don’t explicitly state so.

You might hear people say “You could play the whole game without spending money.” We agree with those people. Then why add microtransactions that impact progress?

Although gems can be used for Clan Boss Keys purchases, their use seems limited to buying other currencies or things like an XP boost.

What are the functions of the other currencies? We don’t know because we are still new to this game, but the game doesn’t tell us what everything does.

Plarium includes microtransactions, which have limits on how many times you can purchase a product. R14.99 is the cheapest pack you can buy. This pack has a limit of 1 per month. Next is R144.99, which has a limit of five per month.

The Sacred Daily Pack, which retails for R799.99, was the first advertisement I saw. That price would have allowed me to buy Mordhau and three of my friends.

Do you want to play it?


Do you want more?

The game is tedious, even for a turn-based one. You are the player and you only need to tap buttons in order for the enemy’s health bar to drop below a certain level so the next Champion can take their place.

It is also not as enjoyable as other RPG games that we have played on our smartphones.

Eternium is an example of this. We’ve been playing it for a while now, and although it’s not as visually stunning as Raid: Shadow Legends it’s still a lot of fun. Microtransactions don’t get in your face as often. You can even play it offline.

Raid: Shadow Legends isn’t an immersive RPG experience. It’s just another mobile game with microtransactions. This strongly suggests that you will need to spend real money in order to enjoy the game.