20 Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods

Grand Theft Auto could challenge for the title “most moddable” game of the past twenty years.

Many mods have been released to improve the game or to alter core elements of the game to make it feel entirely new.

It doesn’t matter what reason you have for using mods in GTA V, it’s hard to deny that they bring a unique flavor to the game that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Here are the top 20 mods you can get for free.

Fair warning: This article will not mention any GTA mods, as I wrote a separate piece that covered my thoughts on the best GTA mods (it’s an awesome list, check it out!) If you want to download some cool custom cars, check out the list below.

It is so annoying that you have to have internet access for your friends to play online.

Why isn’t there local multiplayer in GTA5 as in the old days?

This mod will add that feature to your game. This mod allows you to add up to four players to your game without needing to connect to the internet.

You can add more USB devices to your computer to control the new characters. Enjoy split-screen gaming with GTA-loving friends.

Extended Camera Settings

If you feel that GTA V’s basic camera lacks enough options, the Extended Camera Settings mod will be a great choice.

You might be surprised to find out that there are many camera settings you can access that the game doesn’t have. These settings were still included by Rockstar to aid in video footage capture.

This mod adds many additional options in the camera settings to the game. This allows you to access all of the internal trainer you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

4.K Satellite View Map

This mod alters the default map view, which you can access from the Pause Screen, so that it displays an HD Satellite image instead.

This mod is for you if you are tired of the San Andreas map looking the same as it has for six years.

The new map is fully color and makes it feel alive every time it’s opened.

It also gives you an idea of how the map should look or what certain areas are like without you needing to visit them beforehand.

Clean N’ Natural was initially created to improve reflections on vehicles in GTA V.

The mod makes certain objects more real-life.

This, along with the GTA car mods previously mentioned, will transform the road experience.

We all know there is something missing from GTA V. That something is the extreme gore that comes along with killing pedestrians and dismembering their heads with shotguns (among other heavy weaponry).

This mod alters the way that the gore system in the game works by implementing the mechanics of RDR and older GTA instalments. This mod is a game-changer in my opinion.

This mod is among the most graphic. Only install it if you can stomach it! I’m going to assume that you do.

Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul

GTA V’s ragdoll system leaves much to be desired.

This mod is a quick fix. The Euphoria Ragdoll overhaul completely changes how pedestrians interact with objects that affect their movement.

Balancing looks much more natural, and characters no longer have to worry about the silly falls they took after a minor collision with a car. This mod makes movement feel smoother.

This mod’s latest version was released in 2020. It has many big changes. You can trust it because it involves some of the most talented members of the modding community.

This mod changes the way certain visual effects work in GTA V.

The NaturalVision Mod can change everything, from basic weather conditions to how lighting works in the GTA.

NaturalVision evolved will be the new installment and promises to make the game even better. If your computer is capable of running this mod, don’t hesitate to grab it.

GTA is a violent video game that features guns. You would think it would have better gun dynamics.

This is something I can see improving in the next GTA game (probably to be released along with the PS5).

Why wait? You can download Ripplers Realistic and modify the gun mechanics right away!

This mod makes all weapons behave differently by increasing muzzle flash, recoil and the performance of grenades after they are launched.

Shooting it in the GTA style makes it feel even better.

Psychokinetic Mod

It’s fun to be a bank robber.

It would be even more fun if you could do this while being a god-like, telekinetic being.

This mod allows you to fly, pull and push things and does many other things that only a strong psychic could dream of.

You can freeze pedestrians, grab them, and throw them against walls.

This mod can help you to relieve stress if you have a weakness complex.

Spider-Man Mod

Spider-Man may be getting sick of New York City after so long, so he is visiting Los Santos to combat crime on one of America’s most dangerous islands.

This mod allows you to climb walls, swing between buildings and jump like a super hero. You can also use many of the most amazing Spider-Man suits.

It seems to be receiving regular updates, which is always nice to see. You can count on your spider friend to be around for many more years.

It’s my opinion that it’s amazing and one of the best mods in the GTA if you love the Marvel character.

Open All Interiors

It is so frustrating that many of the amazing interiors in GTA that you see in certain missions disappear after you complete them.

You can now enter all interior by substituting the locked doors in buildings with interactable objects. You can open and close them as you move in and out of each location.

Although some buildings have pedestrians, it seems more like a coincidence than a design feature.

Open All Interiors lets you visit certain places that you have been denied access to as you play.

GTA V Remastered

This is the perfect item for you if you are looking for a complete graphical overhaul of GTA V.

This mod is the best I have reviewed. To make the game look more real, the developers spent a lot of time detailing every street.

This mod was created with great attention to detail. The GTA V Remastered add-on makes GTA V feel even more real in terms of core visuals.

This huge mod introduces Vice City into the game. This mod is perfect for GTA fans.

You can now explore the entire city and visit Vice City within GTA5 with Tommy Vercetti, the legend.

The graphics in the city aren’t as great as those in GTA V. This can cause some people to be disappointed. This mod was created by a small group of gamers who were passionate about the game. It’s easy to see that they did an incredible job with very limited resources.

San Andreas Forests

Forests of San Andreas (or a modpack as some may call it) is a complete mod that adds many small tweaks and larger additions to the forests on everyone’s favorite island.

This allows for new scenarios, such as cars spawning in forests. It also adds a variety of new items, plants, and rocks to the game. The game feels more alive thanks to all the flora it changes.

It’s worth trying to find out what you think. It may not be right for everyone, but I am a huge fan.

Apartment for Single Player

It is absurd that you cannot buy the apartments that are constantly being added to GTA V’s DLC in single player.

This mod will change all that. It allows characters from the base game, and all other players, to buy properties as online DLC.

There are over 20 new homes for you, Trevor and Franklin to call home. Imagine the possibilities!

Realism Dispatch Enhancer

This mod completely changes the way the police work in the game. It’s a complete overhaul of their movement and how they dress.

Realism Dispatch enhancer adds new peds, modifies the interior of cop cars and improves certain instances of police behavior. You’ll love it if you like customization.

Gangs of Los Santos

GTA V lacks the gang violence feel that made San Andreas such an excellent installment in the GTA series.

This is something that mod creators clearly recognized and have added gang violence to the game with Gangs of Los Santos.

Gangs are now fighting for territorial control and you can’t visit certain ghettos in the city. Pay attention!

The World of Variety

World of Variety brings many of the incredible features of the game online to the story of GTA V.

This adds a whole range of layers the single player flow of GTA V. It makes it much more appealing to players who have already spent some time playing GTA.

I believe that’s the purpose of the best mods: to alter the game so it is more fun to play.

GTA V Base Game lacks the variety that the DLC’s introduced later.

Rockstar appears to have forgotten about a single player in favour of their online cash cow. Some modders have decided to take matters into their own hands and add more features. This mod packs a lot into a small package.


NaturalVision may be the most powerful graphical enhancement to GTA V.

VisualV is the best graphics mod available in the current game, despite the fact that it’s a bit outdated.

VisualV’s modders have been able to completely rewrite many features of the game. Absolutely!

This allows for an incredible array of lighting, sound, and weather features, which transforms the game into a more real-life adventure.

Grand Theft Space

Grand Theft Space is the #1 mod on this list. It allows players to travel to three different moons and 11 different planets through a new storyline. This takes you beyond San Andreas into deep space.

It sounds strange, I know. It’s amazing once you get started.

You won’t lose GTA’s humor if the mod is downloaded.