Capsule Wardrobe Items To Add

Perhaps you ended 2021 with more items than you really need, having succumbed to a few impulse buys when the world opened up and we began getting dressed again after months spent at home, or perhaps it’s simply time to sort through some items that have been hanging in your wardrobe, unworn, for far too long. It might be time for a wardrobe re-set if getting dressed feels more chaotic than you’d like right now.

Our attitudes toward some things, particularly our fashion requirements, have altered in recent years. For many of us, our connection with fashion shifted radically as we spent less time creating office-appropriate appearances or attending various social gatherings – and we may now be considering re-prioritizing where we put our money, as well as how much we want to purchase. With sustainability becoming more essential in fashion, many people are emphasizing quality over quantity, curating their wardrobes, and investing in long-lasting products.

If this sounds like you, but you’d like some help with the process, we’d like to introduce you to TBC (To Be Created), a styling service that promises to simplify our wardrobes with just a 27-piece edit.

Charlotte Warburton, the founder of TBC, makes the ruqun transition easier for clients by providing a customized styling service. “I’ve always admired the creative profession and the work it generates,” she says.

“However, what we wear on a daily basis are the essentials for us real women – yet so many of us struggle to develop the foundations of a necessary wardrobe and are lured to ‘trendy’ products. I’m attempting to take a more sustainable approach to purchase by assisting women in developing a more wearable wardrobe that can be worn repeatedly.”

What is TBC and how does it work?

“First, I schedule a meeting with my clients. It’s crucial to meet them in person to get a sense of their personality and begin to form a bond “Warburton clarifies.

“Then I go over our aesthetic and the 27-piece edit we’re working on together to see if there are any ideas that can be tweaked. Then I ask them a series of questions about their own style, who their style icons are, and what they want to update in their wardrobe.”

“This allows me to determine what package they want and whether they just want a few pieces or a complete wardrobe overhaul.”

She then uses mood-boarding to help her clients put together the 27-piece wardrobe. TBC photographs everything that is no longer wanted and then sells it online to generate a budget that can be used to purchase a new wardrobe, thus reducing the clothing cycle. The service offers three packages that include a mix of designer and high-street items, making it accessible to people of various income levels.

“If you choose the whole package, I will come to your home and begin the full wardrobe cleansing, regardless of how long it takes. After that, I’d create a fresh style direction that corresponds to our vision.”

Suggestions for putting together your own wardrobe

Allowing yourself to try something new every now and then offers you the feeling of being able to indulge.

If you can’t recall the last time you wore anything, it’s probably time to get rid of it.

You will save money if you use the edit as a guideline and stick to it.

Don’t buy something because it looks good on someone you admire or who you follow on Instagram. Consider your shape, size, and whether their lifestyle is similar to yours.

You can obtain a fresh perspective on buying as a result of the detox process. When you have a structure, you won’t be able to turn your head as readily.

The more environmentally conscious you are with your purchases, the more likely you are to invest heavily in a vital basic, freeing up funds for that designer piece that, trust me, you will wear for ten years.

When shopping, having a style icon/reference point assists you to be more discriminating. If you’re going for a specific look, ask yourself if your style icon would wear something. Otherwise, move on.

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