The Most Important Factors For MHRA

The Most Important Factors in Cold Storage Safety

It takes much more than just keeping medicinal medicines cool to ensure their safety when storing them.

In addition to ensuring that the proper temperature is maintained throughout the facility, the MHRA also closely monitors aspects such as those described below:

What are the venue’s security protocols? Is the facility adequately safeguarded against criminal activity and theft, and are there appropriate crime detection systems in place?

Availability – can the venue accommodate a sufficient amount of items without jeopardizing safety and storage standards? Availability

Refrigeration – Are the refrigerators, pallets, and shelves in the facility being operated to the greatest possible standard?

The MHRA will only approve a venue if all of these factors have been evaluated, including determining whether refrigeration is influenced by variations in outdoor temperature and evaluating measures for stock management and inventory systems.

Choosing a facility that has been approved by the MHRA

LF&E is proud of its own MHRA-approved medical storage facility, despite the fact that we don’t like to brag about it. It’s a big indicator of faith in our facility, as well as the quality of our service.

Our cold storage facility is prepared to handle short-term storage to the most stringent of specifications, with amenities that include the following:

  • Temperature that remains consistent throughout
  • Annual maintenance is recommended for peace of mind and maximum cleanliness.
  • There is enough room for a range of various cargo sizes.

Through the use of mapping, we are able to provide the same quality of service to all of our clients across the facility. We run humidity control throughout.

Do not assume that your future cold storage partner will operate to the same high standards that the MHRA approved warehousing UK requires – and do not be afraid to seek to see proof of MHRA approval when making your selection.

In order to keep your patients and your goods safe, you must follow these guidelines. This will result in happier consumers and a more efficient supply chain.

The Importance of MHRA Storage

Patient safety should be at the forefront of everything a reputable pharmaceutical distributor does – and this same concept should be applied to every single stage of the process, from product development through distribution.

Keeping medications and medical items at the proper temperature is one of the most important elements to consider while storing (and distributing them).

The failure to adhere to these standards can result in products that are unsafe and waste resources and money while also putting patients who are reliant on these medicines in danger. Whether the product is frozen, ambient, or simply needs to be kept cold, the consequences of not adhering to these standards can be disastrous.

An MHRA approval is not only a significant indicator that a chosen chilled storage partner is trustworthy and dependable, but it is also a regulatory need to protect patient safety throughout the United Kingdom, as stated by the Department of Health.

All the more reason to make an informed decision when selecting your new warehouse location!

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