Home Based Business Opportunity – Perpetual Pipeline Systems?

Perpetual Pipeline Systems was recently launched by Dean Fisher, an internet Flash webpage marketer. Deans desire was to create a system that eliminates the problem facing 90% of those who fail in an internet online business, internet marketing. By building a business centered on this challenge you not only assure the participants success, but you are also able to sustain a lucrative revenue stream as well.

Perpetual Piplines product list are similar to many other websites in that they offer top rated Webucation and vacation certificates. This part of the business helps to solidify that each member who pays the entry fee of $297 receives more than his investment in merchandise. This also puts each person in a very strong position to market the products themselves as all of the products come with 100% duplication rights.

Like many sites Perpetual Pipeline uses pay-up compensation system.

Meaning when a person comes in they pay the $297 entry fee with is split between the 2 members, 2 levels above them. When that individual recruits 2 members into the system, they will make $200 and when their referral recruits a person into the system they make $50. The reason it is call Perpetual Pipeline, is because this can happen as many times as possible. There is no cap. So if someone gets a person in and that person recruits 20 people. That is $1000 of off another person’s effort.

The final part that sets them completely apart is that they will market the system on your behalf, meaning the system markets the system. This is the final piece that makes them different. They will do search engine advertisement, postcard blast, articles and many more. With this it solidifies that each person who gets involved truly can make money and be successful at this system.

Although there are a lot of businesses out there, although new, Perpetual Pipeline will soon become the one everyone will be looking to get into.

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