How to tell a family member that they are not in your will

This requires some subtlety and tact. It’s easy to get caught up in emotions and create rifts within your family.

A qualified and experienced New Jersey estate planning attorney can help you if you have any questions regarding your will. We understand how stressful it can be to create a will. Our lawyers can offer effective legal advice. It may be easier to approach difficult situations with confidence and efficiency if you have a better understanding of the estate planning process.

They don’t have to hear it

Consider the possibility of not telling your family members at all. Your family member will discover the truth even though you are not legally required to. While this may cause them to feel emotional, you won’t be there to witness this awkwardness or tension. They will have to accept your decision regardless of whether or not they want it.

Give it straight to them

It is not a good idea to ramble on about your disinherited family member. This will often lead to more frustration for the family member. When bad news comes, people appreciate simple approaches. If the conversation becomes too long, it could be considered “death by a thousand cuts.”

Explain Your Reasoning

You may want to explain your reasons if you feel that a simple approach is too harsh. Maybe you have decided to give your estate to the charity upon your death. This is something that no one can answer as there is nothing you can do to help. Perhaps you are worried that your loved one would spend the money you have left them. Perhaps they are addicted to gambling or have a drug problem.

These flaws can be pointed out to your family and told that they cannot be trusted with the money. Your child will likely change and earn your trust with the best of luck. You can still remove them from your will, even if they are more trustworthy.

Get the help of a qualified estate planning attorney today

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