How to install a stereo on a motorcycle

A stereo system on your motorcycle can make it so much more enjoyable to ride around town or simply cruise the streets. Instead of riding in silence, listen to your favorite music while you ride. A stereo system can be an excellent aftermarket accessory for your motorcycle.

Step 1

Select a compatible stereo system for your motorcycle. When deciding whether to buy a bolt-on stereo system or a strapped on, consider the conditions you ride in and how your motorcycle is stored. If you don’t want to use headphones or a headset to hear the stereo system, consider purchasing speakers.

Step 2

As per the instructions, attach the stereo system to your motorcycle. If the system comes as a bolt-on, it will come with all the necessary nuts and bolts.

Step 3

Standard audio power wiring should be run from the battery under your motorcycle to the stereo system. The wiring should be hidden completely under the tank. The wiring should be secured with electrical tape every 4 to 5 feet to the stereo. Tape any excess wiring to a bundle and place it under framing or plastics. Connect the ends of the wiring by twisting and soldering.

Step 4

The purchased speakers can be placed on the bike in any way you like. Place the speakers using simple brackets. For the best sound quality, conceal them as much as you can and ensure that they are secured against a surface. The speaker’s vibrations will not function properly if they aren’t secure.

Step 5

You can run standard audio wiring from your stereo to the speakers. Once again, hide the wiring and secure it under the gas tank. Turn the wire ends and solder them.

For the best sound, test your stereo system. Make bass, treble, and fade adjustments if necessary. Simply plug your headphones or headset into the stereo to use them instead.


  • For securing wiring that will last a long time, attach it to brackets, posts and hoses.

Things you’ll need

  • Kit for motorcycle stereo system Stereo speakers (weatherproof) Power wiring and audio Soldering iron Copper solder


  • When working with motorcycles, be aware of pinch points. When working with live electrical connections, be cautious.


Q: Can my handlebar controls work after I have installed an aftermarket speaker.

A. They should work as usual. Many manufacturers offer installation kits that can be used with factory controls. If you are concerned about the wiring or controls being mixed up while installing the best portable speaker for motorcycle you can have it professionally installed.

Q: Why is my amp blowing my speakers so much?

This is often what happens when you purchase a separate amplifier to your speakers. Your speakers may be damaged by the amplifier’s low impedance. You should also check the wiring between the amp and speakers. Bad wiring can result in overheating, burned wires, and blown-out speakers.

Q: My motorcycle speakers have stopped working by themselves. What should I do if this happens?

A:Some speakers have automatic switches that turn off the speakers when the motorbike’s engine is turned off. It’s possible that your speakers are not equipped with an automatic switch to shut off the motorbike. This can be fixed by moving the power cord of the speaker away from the engine.

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