Robotic Lining Systems

Our Robot Lining Apparatus Systems

Quest Inspar has developed a series of robots that provide an unmatchable scope of lining options to owners of pressurized pipe systems.

Guided from our central control vehicle or portable control station, Quest Inspar robots are uniquely designed to deliver lining to circumferential, elliptical and/or square conduits. Our systems can navigate grades, diameter convulsions or complex geometries.

Robot System



Small Diameter Plus (SD1) 6" to 36" Straight runs of pipe and systems with up to 90 degree ells.
Mid/ Large Diameter
Lining Apparatus
36" to >174" Large diameter pipe - Navigate 45/90 degree ells.
Charge Imparted Apparatus 2" to 24" [Special purpose] Electrostatic lining applications when 100% adhesion is mandated for thin mil coatings.
PB 200 6" to 24" Smaller pipe and systems with multiple 45/90 degree ells.
  • Multi-patented apparatuses and methods
  • Consistent application to specified thickness.
  • Absolute reliability of coverage over pipe wall irregularities and undulations
  • Our robotic pipelining systems navigate pipe-in-place
  • Buried or above grade, in completion of up to 1,000’ from one insertion point. 800’
  • Use one or multiple configurations of our five system

NOTE: 1 LDLA, MDLA  bend degree contingent upon diameters.