Technology & Materials

Superior Application and Materials Assure Long-life for Rehabilitated and New Pipelines

Presently, more than 16 patents apply to the processes contained in the advanced robotic pipelining systems developed by Quest Inspar to service customers. Our PipeArmor® liner products, deliver customized formulations of two-component polyurea materials that feature quick gel times make possible the unique single pass spray-in-place lining process that results in a quality cured product. The superior process enables delivery of superior lining for pressurized pipe systems for hydrocarbons, slurries, brine solution, corrosive chemical pipelines as well as ANSI/NSF 61 compliance liners designed for drinking water supply systems.

Servicing pipelines from 4” (100 mm) to 174” (4400 mm)” diameters, Quest Inspar are the only company in the world able to deliver polyurea lining to lengths of pipelines with diameters above 30.”