Pipeline Profile Services

Acquire improved intelligence on pipe wall conditions

Our advanced solution is driven to maximize owner returns on investment and so extends beyond lining the pipe. Our advanced LOTIS® Pipe Profiler systems can be provided as part of an integrated solution. Project or program services can be expanded to include a pre-line profile of wall substrate topography to determine location of hole through, surface flaws and occlusions, as well as a post lining inspection of the applied coating to record surface application along the length of the pipe. The results are far superior to the typical application of only a CCTV based inspection and provide engineers with critical high value intelligence useful over a long period.

We now offer two forms of pipe wall substrate inspection and assessment:

Pre-lined Pipe Inspection

After the required substrate surface profile is achieved, Quest Inspar’s LOTIS® laser-based inspection system is run the length of the pipe to generate a detailed surface profilometry of the interior pipe wall. The system records the topography of the wall substrate including detection and coordinates of hole through, cracks, and raised occlusions. Able to be matched to coordinates of the HD video inspection, the recorded data stream appears as a flattened high resolution map which provides engineers with significant detail about the pipe substrate, including identification of areas of greater wall loss that may require a thicker deposition of liner to achieve equal wall protection.

Pre-lining Profile Benefits

Highly accurate record of pipe wall substrate conditions present under liner at time of installation

  • Detailed record of present cracks, locations of deviations in wall loss
  • Improved ability to adjust liner thickness on customized basis to assure even coating and protection
  • Data record to measure and compare present condition to findings from future wall inspections

Post-lined Pipe Inspection

Post line inspection with HD video is part of the standard service.  As an option, Quest Inspar will use laser profilometry to create a profile of the surface of the liner as a record for engineers to measure future change to wall conditions on follow-up inspections. This process is able to profile in detail the thickness, and record deviations present in the coating due to change in wall geometries or substrate profile.

Post-lining Profile Benefits

  • Highly-accurate and detailed profile and assessments of polyurea liner in first-cured state
  • High-value data record to track and measure changes to liner conditions present through future interior inspections
  • Use for predictive analysis of remaining life of pipe-in-place under present use or with a change to use conditions (wall material, cycles of temperature, pressure, effluent type, etc.).