PipeArmor® Linings for ID

Achieve improved useful life and superior hydraulic from your pipeline systems

PipeArmor® Manufactured-in-Place Pipe™ is our robotically installed high-build polymer pipe lining which using patented technology, is robotically constructed in place at an engineered thickness as required to serve as a corrosion barrier up to a load bearing structural liner. PipeArmor® delivers an environmentally safe, chemically resistant and highly durable rehabilitation solution to achieve spanning and sealing of existing perforations, improved protection against wall loss or degradation of hydraulic performance within existing as well as for new pipelines.  Our solutions now span from 6-inch (152.4 mm) to > 174-inch (4419.6 mm) diameter industry piping.

Polyurea Liner Application Methodology

After cleaning is performed per specification and pre CCTV documentation is completed, we use highly-advanced patented robotic systems to apply self-supporting structural linings of  proprietary varieties of our PipeArmor® material. The materials are deposited with an engineered thickness based on diameter and MAOP from 0.020 in (5.08 mm) up greater than >1 inch (25.4 mm+) thicknesses – uniquely done in a single pass.

Quest Inspar PipeArmor® Polyurea-lined Pipe Advantages

Patented Robotic Application

  • Apply to subterranean, elevated or in shop
  • Variable lining thickness 0.020 in (20 mil) to >1.5 inch (1500 mil)
  • Application done in single pass
  • No gaps, voids or ridges in liner surface
  • No annulus between liner and pipe wall
  • Quick return to improved service reinstatement
  • Service from 6-inch to > 174-inch

Liner Coating Performance

  • High modulus materials
  • Superior elastomeric properties
  • Auto-catalytic and chemically inert
  • Temperature, chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Non-reactive to effluents
  • Formulations ANSI-lab certified to NSF 61 Standard

Post Application Benefits

  • Extended pipe life – in place / new installations
  • Arrests interior wall loss due to corrosion/erosion
  • 100% “Green” - Environmentally friendly
  • Will not crack, chalk or leach
  • Superior RA values improve flow dynamics
  • Design life 75 years *