Water Supply Utilities

Reduce water losses: Cost-effectively improve water pipeline system integrity.

It is no secret to water departments that 60% of the nation’s public and private water supply pipeline integrity is at risk due to aging infrastructure, and that the rate of water loss from leaks within systems is so severe in some systems, that it jeopardizes meeting flow demand. No city or utility is immune, and the capital demands to cure the deficiencies exceed what tax payers and rate payers can support.

PipeArmor® formulations deliver an option to rehabilitate in place, critical pressurized drinking water pipeline systems, relieving a significant stress on public capital budgets needed for aging pipeline replacement. With PipeArmor® owners can significantly extend the service life of more linear feet of pipeline within the same budget, or apply the savings to reduce size of capital spend.

The advantages of PipeArmor® for Water Supply

  • 6” to >174” diameter
  • Self-supporting structural liners
  • Durability and high modulus flexural strength
  • 0.020 inch to 1.5 inch applied in a single pass
  • Arrests corrosion and erosion
  • Temperature, chemical, and abrasion resistant
  • Chemically inert, environmentally friendly
  • ANSI/NSF 61, AWWA M 28 Class III and Class IV
  • Eliminates need for remote reinstatement of lateral intrusions.
  • Remotely managed, minimizing cutouts along busy thoroughfares.
  • Service restoral can be made in as few as 1 hour

The performance features of our PipeArmor® Manufactured-in-Place Pipe™combined with the reduced disruption of our robotic application, which requires only box cut excavations for access, minimizes impact of essential repairs. It is a means to reduce disruptions of traffic flow, and community business, and most of all, will make engineers, city budget directors and paying rate payers happier.

Applications of PipeArmor®

  • Water transmission lines
  • Distribution lines
  • Sewer Force Main (=>36")
  • Dams / Reservoirs
  • Water plants

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