Oil & Gas Midstream

Manage pipelines for longer lifecycles to sustain rising demands

Enhanced recovery technologies have radically altered the supply chain for natural gas and crude from producers to end users. New supply is now feeding exports. Pipeline owners from gathering lines to port transfer terminals are challenged with balancing smart economic management, leveraging maximum capacity of older systems, of vulnerable ductile iron to steel, as they build new pipelines in increasingly harder-to-achieve right of ways. Strains on older pipelines, a series of industry mishaps and stricter government oversight are leading to the demand for improved risk management of older infrastructure.

Quest Inspar’s PipeArmor® polyurea liners provide owners the ability to shore up aged systems with a liner that is able to support the pressure, chemical and temperature ranges needed to sustain delivery of product as it arrests corrosion.  The abrasion, temperature and chemically resistant properties of our liner are particularly suited to support higher pressure pipelines of NG, NGL as well as the caustic sulfurs of unprocessed crude.

Our robotic lining systems have the ability to line subterranean or elevated systems, and are self-contained rigs, which supports work in remote locations.  Depending on lining apparatus for smaller diameter pipe, our robots can traverse vertical systems, step change different diameters as well as navigate 90° bends.

Industry Applications

  • Gathering lines
  • Crude and gas transmission
  • Processed gas
  • Hydrocarbon separation
  • Gas processing units
  • Terminal transfer lines
  • Port loading and dock pipelines
  • NGL pipelines
  • High pressure injection

PipeArmor® Polyurea Features

  • Apply to Pipelines 6” to >174"
  • Line horizontal and vertical systems
  • Single pass application
  • No annulus formed liner-to-wall
  • ANSI/NSF 61 Drinking Water Standard compliance
  • Adaptive to a range of operating parameters
  • Pressure / temperature / chemistry
  • Auto-catalytic / 0% VOCs
  • Use for high alkaline or high acidic effluents
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Does not crack, chalk, or leach

Solution Benefits

  • Reduce/stem product loss from inline leaks
  • Increase resistance to wall loss from abrasion / erosion
  • Extend life of assets in place by decades
  • Reduced process disruptions
  • Improved environmental compliances
  • Improve flow reliability of pipe systems

To learn more, or if have a project ready for bid, please contact us at: Linepipe@questinspar.com or call: 713-568-9444