Chemical & Refining

Multiple conditions with pipeline systems challenge industry owners; from the need to address aging infrastructure, grow plant production within the same footprint as demands rise, to working within changing sets of environmental regulations that dictate changes in operating rules and even material types for specific lines.

Quest Inspar offers sound engineering solutions for pipeline life cycle issues that face refiners and chemical companies. The durability across operating conditions and chemical resistive properties of our PipeArmor® polyurea leads customer to repeatedly choose it as the best option to extend the life of pipelines in place, as well as a pre-treatment against corrosion loss extending total years of useful life service for new installs.  One example: Our liner is saving a major chemical company tens of millions investment otherwise required to replace carbon steel with new stainless steel for potable water, because our liner qualifies piping in place to meet regulatory standards.

Whether the need is to line a single outfall, or to rehabilitate 30 miles of brine line to restore use, Quest Inspar delivers a compelling solution. We invite you to learn more.

Industry Applications

  • Brine lines
  • Raw water lines
  • Potable water lines
  • Product lines (Crude, NG, etc. )
  • Naphtha  / Chlorines
  • Deluge (fire suppression) lines
  • Water treatment lines
  • Recirculation systems
  • Heater cores
  • Coker lines
  • Discharge

PipeArmor® Polyurea Features

  • Apply to Pipelines 6” to > 174”
    • Line horizontal and vertical systems
  • Single pass application; customize thickness
    • No annulus formed liner-to-wall
  • ANSI/NSF 61 formulations for potable water lines
  • Use for range of operating parameters
    • Pressure / temperature / chemistry
  • Non-catalytic / 0% VOCs
  • Use for high alkaline or high acidic effluents
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Improve flow dynamics
  • Does not crack, chalk, or leach

Solution Benefits

  • Reduced capital outlays; more for less
  • Reduced rates of corrosion and wall loss
  • Extend life of assets in place by decades
  • Shorten out-of-service time
  • Improved compliances
  • Reduced product losses

To learn more, or if have a project ready for bid, please contact us at: or call: 713-568-9444.