What is Polyurea?

Polyurea systems are a relatively new class of industrial lining, usually applied by high pressure impingement dispersion using specialized equipment and characterized by extremely fast curing and high mechanical properties.

What makes Polyurea Green?

  • The typical understanding of “green” chemistry focuses on the material, and how much can be recycled at the end of the products life span. This criteria is just part of the green philosophy. Additional criteria can be met for polyurea to become “green.”
    • Polyurea is processed in a closed system, with minimal human or environmental contact.
    • Polyurea formulation is handled at ambient temperature and pressure, requiring minimal energy input during production.
    • Minimal waste is generated during spray of polyurea and clean up requires only minimal amounts of solvent, which can be recycled.
    • Polyurea contains no catalysts which would remain in the environment or break down over time.
    • Polyurea systems have superior corrosion and erosion protection for substrates, preserving the structure and the surrounding environment.
    • Polyurea coating will last longer, decreasing the need to generate new waste from surface preparation and coating work.

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