Our Mission: Give New Life to Critical Pipelines

Quest Inspar specializes in extending the useful life of pressurized pipelines essential to the operation of major industries and the utilities that provide our nation’s fuels, products, power and water. Our patented robotic systems deliver environmentally friendly polyurea liners to seal and protect interior pipe walls against future corrosion, abrasion and/or erosion, providing many more decades of service to pipe of all sizes and materials.

Through our tools and services, pipeline engineers and asset managers are empowered by a proven reliable alternative solution to address their ever-aging pipeline infrastructure,  and the means to escape the higher costs of piping replacement

Our Service Goals

  • Reduce the loss of precious water resources, as well as product and spill contaminations occurring from leaking aged pipeline systems
  • Provide new options to pipeline owners across all critical industries that have no alternatives (due to operating parameters e or installed state) but replacement
  • Extend the useful life and integrity of critical pressurized pipes systems now in place, as well as new systems
  • Provide pipeline owner with improved intelligence on the physical condition and lifespan of their assets