History and Future

Quest Inspar is revolutionizing rehabilitation of pressurized pipelines.

Pipeline rehabilitation is an industry that is in a constant state of evolution as materials, systems and new techniques develop and are improved upon. The development of our patented robotic application of polyurea linings  is a revolutionary advance in Pipe ID rehabilitative solutions. We are the first to deliver a proven, environmentally inert, chemically and thermal resistant liners that are highly durable, to owners of high pressure chemical process or water transmission pipelines, for which alternative options were limited in scope.

Today, we have secured over 16 patents, domestic and internationally, for our robotic systems and application technologies. Ours is an ongoing commitment to advance this science and the engineering of our systems in a bid to continually improve performance in technical capability, speed of delivery and quality of process for our customers benefit.

Advances and Works in Progress:

  • Pre-Lining Pipe Profiler - Quest Inspar has developed and conducted field trials of the first pipeline profiling system for Polyurea. Using advanced LOTIS® laser profilometry, the system scans the wall surface to measure and map physical characteristics along the length of the pipe. The coordinates of irregularities on pipe substrate are made identifiable and measurable prior to lining. Manually guided now, soon this data will be able to be directly programmed into our application robots, to optimize the finite deposition of liner coating at adjusted thickness along the length of the pipe as localized substrate condition dictates.

  • Post Lining Pipe Profiler - Quest Inspar is working on the bringing to use the first liner inspection systems that will profile the properties of the liner coating after application. Field trials are slated for second quarter.

  • Lined Pipe Inspection System - To enable inline inspection (ILI) of lined intrastate transmission lines, material scientists, NDT experts, and engineers at Quest Inspar and our affiliate companies are working to develop the first system to profile pipe with capability to detect and measure flaws and wall loss along the length of the pipe at high resolution through a polyurea coating. Development of such a system will expand remediation options and will be another revolutionary advance in pipe condition assessment technology.

LOTIS® is a registered trademark of Qi2/Quest Integrated, Inc.