Quest Inspar

Our business is the development and delivery of improved rehabilitative solutions that extend the useful life of pressurized pipeline systems, whether subterranean or an elevated installation. Our specialty is developing technologies that deliver rehabilitative liner solutions to improve the life and performance of in situ as well as to be installed pipeline systems, which are subject to operate at low to high pressure, temperature extremes and/or subject to high toxicity, alkaline or acidic effluents. Our fast growing company services pipelines owned by industrials, as well as public and private water supply systems. While our business focus is North America, we are capable and support our global customers worldwide.


Quest Inspar, LLC was formed in July 2012, with the acquisition of Inspar Field Services and InspaTech by a group led by Qi2 / Quest Integrated. a recognized technology leader, which has delivered innovative solutions that became standards in power, pipelines, chemical, refining and aviation. The new company aligns nearly two decades in development of advanced patented robotic lining technologies and process expertise with the deep pool of knowledge, science and resources of Qi2.  A multi-dimensional engineering, development and technology incubation company, Qi2 has pioneered advances in robotics, NDT inspection technologies, sensors and material science for industry, military and government for over 40 years. Successful spin outs of companies from Qi2 are industry leaders in energy asset inspection, materials science and automated metrology. This collective pool of knowledge and technology, places Quest Inspar in a competitively advantaged alliance of business resource that support advancing our own technologies, chemistries and processes.

Company Scope

Capable of deployments worldwide to support our global customers, the company’s focus is on delivery of services to business and communities in North America.  Quest Inspar sales and field operations centers are strategically located in Houston, TX, with administrative and engineering & development offices at Quest Center in Kent, WA.

  • Privately held
  • Offices: Houston, TX, Seattle (Kent), WA
  • Servicing customer in North America and Worldwide