Alliance Partners

Growing our strategic network

The character of our business benefits from developing strategic technology and market partners. Quest Inspar recognizes two types of partners. Affiliate companies are from within the Quest Companies family. and enhance our business with technical, product or engineering resources. Strategic Partners are companies with complementary products or services, or business we share collaborative technology and/or market interests.

Affiliate Companies

Qi2 / Quest Integrated, Inc.

Qi2 is one of the most innovative technology incubators in the United States. It is a recognized leader in the development of advanced non-contact measurement systems and sensor solutions, the science of which Qi2 has had as its focus since 1985. Overall, for more than forty years, government and industry have looked to Qi2 to solve the unsolved and deliver new technologies that change what is possible. Since its origins as Flow Research in 1972, Qi2 is responsible the creation of over $4 billion in annual industry activity, from its invention of water jet cutting technology, the first commercial application of wind turbines for power generation, as well as numerous firsts in the application of laser profilometry, MFL, Electromagnetics and UT into robotic systems to inspect and assess the condition of aircraft, structural materials and unpiggable pipelines. Qi2 provides primary science, engineering and system development support to Quest Inspar.

Quest Integrity Group, LLC

With origins as a service group formed in 1998 to apply Qi2's advanced LOTIS® reformer and boiler tube measurement system, today Quest Integrity Group is a global company recognized as the technology leader in asset assessment and lifecycle management across an array of energy-based industries, including pipeline, power, refining and chemical and utilities and process. Acquired by TEAM, Inc. [NASDAQ:TISI] in 2010, Quest Integrity Group remains its own brand and is a valued for the industry depth, customer relationships and pipeline service experience available to Quest Inspar.

Quest Metrology, LLC

Formed in 2010, Quest Metrology was formed to bring to market effective delivery of the first-generation non-contact automated thread measurement systems and services. The company's mission and purpose is to deliver to customers improved cost management, speed and a higher efficacy of new and used thread article and thread gage measurement and inspection. In early evolution, Qi2 continues in its role as the primary source of technology advances and system development. The company is bringing to market a new generation of tools specifically designed to address the need for automation of thread profiling and measurement of oil field country tubular products.

Strategic Alliances

Inotek Safety Corporation

Inotek Safety is an approximately a 300 person company that is a leading provider to industry for HSE consulting, safety equipment, as well as safety and industrial labor personnel. The company is Quest Inspar’s value added EHS extension partner for ongoing best practices management and training for Health, Safety and Environmental, a provider of safety equipment as well a provider of project personnel that are trained and experienced in the safe work practices that our company values. Vendor to industry plants along the Gulf Coast and around the nation, Inotek is headquartered in Houston, TX, and has additional offices in Beaumont, TX, and Kansas City, Kansas.