• Water Supply Utilities

    PipeArmor® formulations deliver an option to rehabilitate in place, critical pressurized drinking water pipeline systems, relieving a significant stress on public capital budgets needed for aging pipeline replacement.

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  • Water and Waste Water

    Whether the need is to address lead-contaminated water systems or rehabilitate structurally compromised pipelines, PipeArmor® Manufactured-in-Place Pipe™ delivers the means to return critical drinking water systems or larger sewer force mains to design requirements efficiently and at a lower total overall cost. Manhole-to-manhole lining technology assures minimized impact upon commerce and traffic. Our articulated robots can address the most challenging pipe configurations, whether under roadways, rail lines, canals, over mountains or in treatment plants. Once installed, PipeArmor® liners restore system integrity and deliver a long-maintenance-free useful service life.

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  • Power Generation

    From fossil generation to hydroelectric, power generation operators are confronted by aging plants, and increased pressure to minimize turnaround times, AND maximize available budgets...

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  • Chemical & Refining

    Multiple conditions with pipeline systems challenge industry owners; from the need to address aging infrastructure...

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  • Oil & Gas Midstream

    Enhanced recovery technologies have radically altered the supply chain for natural gas and crude from producers to end users...

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  • Industrials

    Through the robotic application of our PipeArmor® linings, economically viable and reliable options are available to rehabilitate in place abandoned lines, and extend the lifespan of critical piping systems relied up for production.

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  • Mining

    Mineral and ore based mining is challenged with more stringent regulation and shrinking capital budgets, while coal seam gas and shale mining is struggling...

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Quest Inspar - Pipeline Rehabilitation Specialists

We are a leading pipeline rehabilitation services company that advances and delivers economic advantaged, reliable solutions to rehabiliate and provide life extension of existing and new pressurized pipelines critical to water utilities, power generation, energy, and industry at large. Our patented robotic installed PipeArmor® Manufactured-in-Place Pipe delivers environmentally safe, chemically resistant and highly-durable high-build polymer liners into pipe systems to achieve improved protection against wall loss or degradation of hydraulic performance, due to corrosion and erosion in existing as well as for new systems to be installed. 

Application of PipeArmor®

Chemical Process Plant – 48” Line

Our Robotic Technology

Large Diameter System